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Surat Dari Google

Sebenarnya gua rada males ngisi posting. Pertama, hari ini gua diusilin oleh dua hal, koneksi internet yang melambai, ama mati lampu. Dua hal yang gak sopan ini otomatis bikin gua jadi malas, so saya minta maaf kepada para pembayar pajak yang udah susah-susah nyisihin duitnya buat menggaji saya. AMPUN OOMM

Kedua, kali ini gua punya dua surat dari Google. Tau Google kan? Yang pertama surat dari Google AdSense Support yang sudah gua tunggu 3 minggu terakhir ini. Isinya PIN Google AdSense untuk pembayaran ‘keringat’ dan ‘banting tulang’ gua selama ini. YES! Udah separoh jalah menuju dollar, tinggal separuh jalan lagi bakal bisa nabung buat bekal kawin. Hehe…

Yang kedua, ini surat Google atas jawaban surat pemerintah yang meminta pemblokiran film Fitna di semua situs-situsnya Google (thx bwt Erik atas suratnya). Neh silaken dipelototi:

9 April 2008

Honorable Minister Mohammad Nuh
Ministry for Information and Communication
Republic of Indonesia

Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.9
Jakarta 10110 Indonesia
Dear Honorable Minister Nuh:
Thank you for your letter dated April 1, 2008 regarding the “Fitna” video on YouTube, which we received on 7 April. I am responding on behalf of YouTube, LLC and its parent company Google Inc. We understand that this video has sparked intense opposition by some Indonesians. While we are commited to protect the ability of individuals worldwide to exercise free expression concerning even heated political and cultural issues, we also respect local laws that seek to preserve social harmony by limiting speech that is likely to be inflammatory. On that basis, we hope that we can work together to find an agreeable solution.YouTube allows individuals to express themselves and to communicate with a global audience. We provide a community in which people from around the world can broadcast and express themselves by sharing videos in a safe and lawful manner.

We will remove content from display in Indonesia where it would be in violation of Indonesian laws. At the same time, we will not unnecessarily block legal videos from Indonesian users. The Ministry has asked YouTube to remove all content found in a search for “Fitna”. However, a large majority of these videos are actually expressions of opposition to, or comments on, the original video, or are completely unrelated to it.
Some of the rebruttal videos have accumulated more than 100,000 views.

We respectfully ask your Ministry to help us identify the specific videos that may violate Indonesian law. We proposed that the Ministry send a list of videos believed to be illegal, noting the specific web addressed. We will promptly review the Ministry’s list and remove any illegal videos from display to Indonesian YouTube users.

We would also like to initiate ongoing cooperation and dialog with your Ministry. We offer the following proposals to expedite identification of, and response to, illegal content in Indonesia:

  • We will provide an email account for the Ministry to report directly any videos believed to violate Indonesian law.
  • We will review the identified videos and provide a response within a 24-48 hour period
  • When we confirm that a video appears to be illegal under Indonesian law, YouTube will immidiately prevent such videos from display to Indonesian Internet users, as appropriate.

Should there be any lack of clarity about the legality of any video identified by your Ministry, we suggest that legal action can be pursued against the individual who uploaded the video and court determination can be made regarding the content. As a matter of policy, YouTube will block from Indonesia videos judicially determined to be illegal under Indonesian law.We believe this approach can provide solid assurance to the government of Indonesia, while permitting YouTube to continue to offer its services across the many diverse countries and cultures around the world. We recognize that Indonesia is a growing technology center, and we look forward to working together to help Indonesians realize the benefits of the Internet.


Kent Walker
Vice President and General Counsel
Google Inc.



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6 Responses

  1. erwin berkata:

    kayaknya pertamax nich.
    numpang copy surat google buat pak Nuh ya mas…….

  2. fenfen berkata:

    huaaaa enaknyahhh, daku uda 1x ditolak. lgan mempeng bgt apply google ads tanpa ngerti seluk beluknya 😀

  3. PNSJUGA berkata:

    Katanya ada film tandingan FITNA ya?
    tapi denger2 udah langsung diblokir ama youtube.

    * daripada SARA mending SARAH aja yang dibuka (dibukanya apanya?)

  4. papabonbon berkata:

    mau dong, jadi pns juga di google … hehehehhe 🙂

  5. hakimtea berkata:

    selamet-selamet… akhirnya datang juga surat supersemar, surat sakti bin ajaib ituh… heehehe… 😀

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